Giving You Choices When Paying for Long-term Healthcare
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What we do

We work with families who are transitioning a loved one into a long-term healthcare environment - Home Healthcare, Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Nursing Home Care.  We do it from a legal and financial perspective.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: education. We believe that well-informed people will make good healthcare decisions.  Understanding what services and programs are available to help pay for care will allow you to choose what is best for your loved one.

How Do We Pay For This?

The biggest expense most of our seniors will face will be that of paying for long-term healthcare.  Most seniors mistakenly believe that Medicare will cover these costs.  Unfortunately, Medicare will cover only a fraction of the cost and for only a short period of time.  

So, then, what are the other options of paying for care?  Without proper planning or consultation, your options may be limited and  you may be forced to spend your entire estate.  Don’t let that happen to you.


Let us help you by providing a free consultation that will show you how you can provide the care you or your loved one needs without becoming impoverished.


Call us today at  615-890-2155.  

There are three options to help pay for care:  



Option one, unfortunately, is what most people do by default.  They are told that they must ‘spend down’ their assets until they have less than $2,000 to their name.  You can avoid this ‘Medicaid spend down’ with proper planning and in many instances, even if your loved one is already in a nursing home or receiving home healthcare.


Option 2 is a great option if you can afford and qualify for a long-term care insurance policy. Unfortunately, many seniors wait too long to purchase this type of insurance and the cost or underwriting is prohibitive.


Option 3 is available to all U.S. Citizens and is our area of expertise.  We work closely with elder law attorneys, CPAs and other financial professionals to help you understand what benefits you have earned or paid for that will relieve the financial burdens of paying for care..


We provide a free consultation to determine which options are available to you and your loved ones to provide the level of care that is needed.  Call us today to arrange for your FREE CONSULTATION.



The largest expense that most seniors will face after retirement is the cost of long-term healthcare.  Many end up spending down every penny they have accumulated over there lifetime as well as sometimes losing their home to these expenses.  Don’t let this happen to you . . .call us today.

What are my

Caring for a loved one can be one of the most challenging things you will ever to.  Let us help you explore the options available to provide the proper level of care.

Who Is Responsible for Paying For Care?