About Us

Serving the needs of seniors in Murfreesboro and across
Middle Tennessee

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: education. We believe that well-informed people will make good healthcare decisions. Understanding what services and programs are available to help pay for care will allow you to choose what is best for your loved one.

Meet Our Team

Ron Fischer

President, CSA, CMP

“I work with families transitioning into long-term health care environments, whether that is home health care, assisted living, memory care, or a nursing home, and I do it from a legal and financial perspective. I specialize in areas related to Medicaid and VA Aid Attendance planning.”

Ron Fischer, founder of Seniors Financial Guidance, is a Viet Nam Era Veteran and a proud member of the American Legion. He also served in the Tennessee Army National Guard where he retired as a First lieutenant after 20 years of service. He assists families throughout Tennessee with issues related to Veteran’s Benefits. In working with veterans, their spouses, and their families, he can help them qualify for those benefits.